Safety and Security Declarations

Safety and Security Declarations Features:

  • Users can register and submit Safety and Security declarations via online (current jurisdictions supported France and GB)
  • Ability to copy previously submitted declarations
  • Options to cover all standard fields for EU/GB Safety and Security compliance
  • Ability to save draft declarations
  • Drop down menus are available for mandatory information fields
  • Validation with French and GB customs via the platform which clearly highlights errors or issues which can be corrected and resubmitted Amendments, arrivals & diversions are included in the initial “declaration fee”
  • Historical records of previously submitted Safety and Security declarations into France or GB can be accessed

Tariff 2023

Payable in £GBP via direct debit or bank transfer
ENS Band Included consignments per month Tariff bundle per month Overage per consignment
Tariff Notes: Charges are on per consignment level e.g., one shipper to one consignee, groupage cargo will be counted per individual consignment. Customers can register up to two user accounts free of charge. First three months bundle costs to be paid in advance to cover individual customer registration costs with Safety and Security Declarations, then monthly. Bundles can be purchased in £GBP only via direct debit instruction or bank transfer in advance