Travel Wallet

Brexit has made importing and exporting more complex in Europe. You might need GMRs for the UK border controls, MRNs for France or PBNs for Ireland, and then there are all the Safety and Security declarations. Understanding which customs declarations are required for each movement is not easy and there is a lot of paperwork to submit and verify before ensuring it travels with your driver and your goods.

The Solution

Our new digital Travel Wallet can remove some of the complexity, while also helping to prevent disruption and paperwork overload at check-in.

It will guide you through which documents to submit - based on the exact route and cargo you’re carrying - and allow you to store all reference codes, so you can send one secure barcode to your driver, when they need it.

When your driver reaches the border, they can simply scan and go.

Travel Wallet is fully integrated with the booking systems of our partner ferry operators to create a seamless and streamlined process for transport operators and drivers.

It is also integrated with our BEEMS Border Management products, which you can use to get your UK Goods Movement Reference IDs as well as submit and verify your Safety and Security declarations for GB/FR/NI.

Travel Wallet Benefits

  • Travel Wallet is currently available for cargo movements in both directions on the Dover / Calais route. It offers reassuring guidance based on the routes supported and a simple and efficient process with all paperwork wrapped into one easy to access bar code.
  • Simplified border control processes for drivers leading to a smooth and efficient border crossing and an integration with the BEEMS Border Management products to allow transport operators to manage and submit their border formalities with ease.

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